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Grand Mumbai Tours offers the best full day Mumbai private tours with top rated city sightseeing Mumbai tour guides. Our Mumbai city tours are led by highly knowledgeable and professional Mumbai sightseeing tour guides.


Our Mumbai day tours are conducted in chauffeur driven airconditioned cars and Our Mumbai city tour guides speak fluent & excellent English, are highly knowledgeable & professional and have years of experience guiding western tourists and visitors in and around the Mumbai city.


Our Mumbai tour packages are top rated on TripAdvisor, as the best Mumbai private tours. Our guided Mumbai city tours, focus on history, culture, spirituality and will give you an upclose and personal view into the lives of the people of Mumbai city.


We have mentioned some of our Mumbai tours on our sightseeing tour website. Please feel free to read about what our past guests have to say about their Mumbai tours with Grand Mumbai Tours, on our Guest Testimonials page.


Please use the Contact Form in order to send us your Mumbai city tour inquiry. Once we recieve your tour inquiry, our Mumbai sightseeing tour specialists will get back to you with a Mumbai tour offer along with the prices, by email. Om Ganganpataye Namaha Om Namaha Shivaya Prasanna!



Mumbai Tour


This Mumbai Tour is a full day Mumbai city tour covering Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai University, Rajabai Clock Towers, Bombay High Court, Victoria Terminus Train Station, Crawford Market, Dhobi Ghat, Lunch Box Delivery Boys and many other exciting places in Mumbai. Our Mumbai city tour is led by one of the best Mumbai tour guides.

Mumbai Tour Reviews

We conduct our Mumbai Tours with good karma and honesty. We do not take our guests to shops and tourist traps the way a few tour companies do. We are against such malpractices. We treat our guests as we would treat our own family. Please feel free to read what our past guests have to say about their Mumbai city tours with us at our Mumbai Tour Reviews.

Off Beat Mumbai Tour


Our Off Beat Mumbai Tour, is a 4 hour Mumbai sightseeing tour. This Mumbai city tour covers the most amazing, exciting, colourful and fascinating markets and a temple service which would help you see and experience the Real Mumbai making this Mumbai tour package one of the best four hour private full day Mumbai city tours on TripAdvisor.


21 Best Mumbai Tour


Our 21 Best Mumbai Tour is a combination of our one day Mumbai tour and our off beat city tour. This Mumbai private tour is perfect for tourists who want to explore and see the city in one single day. Our 21 Best Private Tour covers the British Heritage Monuments, markets, gardens, Dhobi ghat laundry, sacred cow feeding & many other exciting things to do in Mumbai.

Mumbai Shore Excursions


Our Mumbai Shore Excursions are very popular with Cruise Ships and Cruisers visiting Mumbai on Cruise Lines. We have planned Shore Excursions for guests visiting Mumbai on Cruise Ships like Costa Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, MSC Cruises, P& O Cruises, Seabourn Cruises, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Silversea, Royal Caribbean Cruises and many other Cruise Ships.

Mumbai Tours For Women


Safety is the biggest concern of Women traveling to India and our Mumbai Women Tours are perfect for solo women tourists and women traveling to India in groups and want to do a very exciting Mumbai private tour, with our highly knowledgeable, professional friendly tour guides, who will take good care of you & make sure you feel safe in Mumbai.


Ganesh Festival Tours


We were the first Mumbai city sightseeing tour agency to conduct Ganesh Festival Tours. Ganesh Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Mumbai, where people bring home and in their neighbourhoods statues of Ganesha the God who takes away all the obstacles from ones life and worship Ganesha.

Mumbai Festival Tours

There are many exciting festivals in Mumbai. We conduct Mumbai Festival Tours during various festivals in Mumbai namely Ganpati Festival, Janmashtami Govinda Festival, Diwali Festival which is also called the Festival of Lights and also Holi Festival which is also the Festival of Colours.

Holi Festival Tour


Our Mumbai Holi Tour is very popular with western tourists visiting Mumbai. Our Holi festival tour will introduce you to the most amazing and colourful festival celebrated in India. Holi is the festival of colors, where people light the Holi bonfire on the previous night and play with colours the next day.


Night Tours of Mumbai


Explore Mumbai city at night. Markets, temples, nightclubs, roof top bars. A very customised tour in Mumbai. Just tell us what you wish to do or want to explore and we will make it happen. Our Mumbai Night Tour is very popular with Single Women, Solo Women Tourists and also Solo Male Travelers.

Spiritual Tour in Mumbai


Our Mumbai Spiritual Tour is an enlightening tour about Hindu mythology, Hindu Gods, Hindu religious customs, traditions, and a lot of other cultural aspects related to Indian mythology. Hear amazing stories of Lord Shiva and Krishna while visiting two beautiful colourful temples in Mumbai.

Mumbai Market Tours


Our Mumbai Market Tour is a four hour tour of markets of Mumbai. This Mumbai sightseeing tour covers the Flower Market, Chor Bazaar Thieves Market, Crawford Market, Mangaldas Cloth Market and many other street markets. This tour is perfect for women tourists. This Mumbai tour is conducted in an AC vehicle.


Mumbai City Sightseeing Tours

Mumbai Off Beat Tours, Private Mumbai Shore Excursions, Temple Tours, Temple and Market Tours, Customised Tours, Mumbai Car Tours, Om Namaha Shivaya Scooter Tours, Diwali Festival Tours, Janmashtami Govinda Tour, Cultural Tours, Cooking Tours, Mumbai Group Tours, Elephanta Cave Tours, Kanheri Cave Tours.


Contact Us (Click to Open)

Please use the contact form on the Contact us page of our website, in order to send us your tour inquiry.

The Best Time To Start The Tour (Click to Open)

There is crazy traffic between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm and then between 4:00 pm and 10:00 pm in Mumbai. The air quality also starts dropping after 11:30 am and worsens after 12:00 pm.

Our Mumbai tours start at 8:00 am in South Mumbai. You can even start the tour at 6:00 am or 7:00 am if you want. Please do let us know regarding the same when you send us your tour inquiry. Its highly advisable to start early so that you do not get hounded the crazy traffic snarls. Its also healthy to start the tour early at 7:00 am or 8:00 am, as the air quality is nicer compared to what it would be after 10:00 am.

Pick Up & Drop Back (Click to Open)

We do free pick up and drop backs for guests staying in South Mumbai Hotels. Additionally we have meeting loctions near Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Trident Hotel Nariman Point. We will send you the meeting location along with the tour guide photo and the tour guides personal phone number by email, once we confirm your tour.

If you are staying at a North Mumbai based hotel, we can do a pick up and drop back for you at an additional cost of Rs 3,000. We highly recommend you to use UBER if you want to come to South Mumbai meeting location from your North Mumbai based hotels as UBER is point to point service and will cost around Rs 500 to come to South Mumbai from North Mumbai.

If you are coming on a Cruise Ship, you will have to take the free shuttle from the pier of your Ship and come to the Green Gate of the Mumbai Cruise Ship Terminus. Our tour guide will be waiting for you just outside the Green Gate. You can walk out from the Green Gate to meet our tour guide. When we confirm the tours, we also send the photo of the tour guide and the tour guides personal contact information by email to our guests so that they can recognise our tour guide Om Namaha Shivaya.

Your tour is not confirmed, until we send an official tour confirmation to you by email.

Types Of Vehicles Used To Conduct The Tours (Click to Open)

We conduct our tours in chauffeur driven air conditioned cars.

Chauffeur driven AC Toyota Etios will be used if 1 - 2 people want to do the tour.

Chauffeur driven AC Toyota Innova will be used if 3 - 4 people want to do the tour.

We can also bring an AC Bus, if 6 - 20 people want to do the tour.

Tour Prices, Payment, ATM's, Money Exchange, Safety Advice (Click to Open)

Tour Prices

The Prices of the tour depend on the number of people wanting to do the tour.


Tour Payment

Payment to be made in cash at the end of the tour on the date of the tour. You can use your Credit Cards or Debit Cards to withdraw money from an ATM in Mumbai, in order to make the payment.

If you prefer making Advance payment, you can do the Bank to Bank Wire Transfer as well. Advance payments should be made at least 15 days in advance.

Tours once booked cannot be cancelled.


Important Information

1. It is illegal to buy Indian currency outside India and bring it into India. The Indian customs may confiscate such Indian currency brought from outside India.

2. Avoid changing your foreign currency at the airport or in your hotel, they will give you a very bad exchange rate.

3. Carry your foreign currency, and do not exchange it if you do not get a good rate. There are many money changers in Mumbai and some companies may accept foreign currency as well.

4. Before visiting India, do not forget to inform your Bank that you are planning to visit India and intend to use your Credit Cards or Debit Cards in India. If your bank notices a transaction on your card from India, and if they are not aware of your India holiday, they may suspect it as a fraud and block your cards. Hence its always great to inform your bank in advance before your Indian holiday.


Safety Advice

1. Do not accept any currencies which have anything written on them from anyone. Currency Notes that are scribbled on by pen or ink are not accepted by anyone. So be very careful when you change your money at a money changer or your hotel, check all the bills they give you and make sure they are not torn or scribbled upon by pen or ink.

2. Do not use ATM's which are in open space. Use the ATM's that are inside the bank premises or are enclosed.


Our Mumbai tour company offers tours only through this website. We do not have any connections with any hotels, hostels, tour operators and third party tour companies in Mumbai. When you do a tour in Mumbai with us, we gurantee you, that the tourist guide will be from our own tour company. We do not hire or employ third party tour guides in Mumbai, the way other tour operators in Mumbai may be doing. We believe in conducting our tours in Mumbai with honesty and good karma and hence we treat our guests as we would treat our own family and do not take our guests to shops or tourist traps during their tour of Mumbai.


Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha!

Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha!


Ganpati Bappa Morya Jai Somnath Mahadev Prasanna


Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha!

Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha!