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We offer the best Mumbai Private Tours. Our private tours are led by friendly, highly profesisonal English speaking mumbai tour guides.


Our Mumbai Private Tours and Tour guide in Mumbai are highly recommended on Trip Advisor as the Best Private Tours with local city tour guides. Our Mumbai tour and travel guides speak excellent English and have years of experience, in leading guided private tours for foreign tourists travelling to Mumbai.


If you wish to tour mumbai privately with an highly professional private mumbai tour guide, Grand Mumbai Tours is the best recommended tour company for you.


Beware of a few private mumbai tour companies, who have tried to copy our tours, website, content and ideas. These copycats can only copy website's but they would never be able to copy our honesty, hard work, determination and dedication towards our tourist guests who are like our family.


We have listed some of our best private mumbai tours on our travel website. Thes private tours will be led by the best of the best private tour guides in Mumbai.










We also offers Art Walks, Mani Bhavan Visits, Afternoon Special, Shopping Advices, Luxury Car Sightseeing, Chor Bazaar


We highly recommend you to stay in South Mumbai, if you are coming to Mumbai on holiday. Most of the exciting things to see and do are located in South Mumbai. Its highly recommended to start the tours at 8:00 am from South Mumbai in order to avoid intense trafic and crazy heat.


If you are staying in North Mumbai and want to come to South Mumbai, use the UBER App. UBER is very very inexpensive in Mumbai and will save a lot of money for you. You can use the same app to go from South Mumbai back to North Mumbai or the airport. This would cost usally between Rs 400 to Rs 600. Powai is considered New Mumbai, avoid staying there.


If your hotel is in South Mumbai and you are coming from the airport, avoid using UBER and use the prepaid airport taxi's from the Prepaid airport taxi counter at Mumbai International Airport. A prepaid AC Taxi will cost around Rs 800 to Rs 1,000 from airport to South Mumbai.


Avoid giving money to poor children. Instead carry some clothes or candies and give them to the kids if you come accross any. For shopping visit the Palladium Mall or Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel in your free time or go to the FAB India near Kala Ghoda or walk around in the Colaba Causeway Street Market. Remember you are a foreigner and always try to bargain in Colaba Causeway Street Market.


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Beware of tour companies which will keep shopping as a part of their tour itinerary.


Beware of tour guides, who will offer to take you to shopping without you asking.


Avoid cheaply priced tours, whatever is cheap will include a visit to a tourist trap.


Many tourists have been cheated and subjected to forced aggressive shopping and uncomfortable situations.


We strongly condemn such acts where tourists are cheated and we DON'T indluge in such malpractices