Chor Bazaar : Mumbai's Second Hand Goods Bazaar


Mumbai's largest flea market or Chor Bazaar is located in Bendi Bazaar. Stolen Cars, scooter parts, antiques, bollywood posters, second hand shoes are sold in Chor Bazaar Mumbai.


History Of Chor Bazaar

Chor means a thief in Hindi, many years back, during the times of the British, this market was called as Shor Bazaar. Shor means noise in hindi, as this used to be one of the noisiest flea markets of India. Eventually stolen goods and second hand goods started making their way into this market and the name changed to "Chor Bazaar" or the "Thieves Market"

mumbai-chor-bazaar Mumbai's Chor Bazaar - Thieves Market Selling Car Parts, Antiques, Shoes, Movie Posters


Mumbai Chor Bazaar Information

Mumbai Chor Bazaar Address

Mutton Street, Kumbhar Wada, Mumbai 400033, Maharashtra, India


Chor Bazaar Timings

No Fixed Timings, Open 24 Hours


How to reach Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Car - 7 mins, Walking 20 mins

Google Maps - Grant Road Station Bridge To Chor Bazaar Via Maulana Shakaut Ali Road


Chor Bazaar Automobile, Car, Scooter Market, Chop Shops



Chor Bazaar can be divided into many small sub markets. As you enter the chor bazaar you will first pass through the automobile section of the thieves market. In the automobile section you will see various old scooters, bikes and cars being brought in and chopped down into small pieces and their spare parts are collected and sold to other small traders and shops in the market. It takes only a few minutes to chop down a second hand or a stolen car by four people in this market. Various car and scooter parts like engines, car doors, bike mud guards, scooter tyres, car tyres, metal frames are collected and sold to other shops. These spare parts, brakes, horns, engines are then sold to people wanting to buy them at throw away prices.From this junk yard you could rescue broken down car parts and build your own car. This is a paradise for automobile industry and automobile makers who want to create their machines from scratch.

Chor Bazaar Antique Market



If you love those rare antiques found in vintage stores, those bronze statues and old ancient coins. Vintage camera's, old type witers, Grandfather clocks, wooden, brass buddha statues, the antique section on mutton street of Chor Bazaar is the place to be. You as a tourist or expat would have to be at your bargaining best in order to buy out these rare and at times valuable antiques at the price of peanuts. This antique market also supplies antiques and old furnitures to many bollywood movie production houses for their bollywood shootings on rent.


Secret Night Market For Stolen Shoes

This is the mother of all stolen goods. There is a Lane called Dedh Gully near Kamathipura and Chor Bazar in Mumbai, where every Friday, between 4:00 am and 8:00 am, stolen branded shoes like NIKE, REEBOK, ADIDAS, ALDO and many other international brands are sold at prices which you would not imagine are sold. Many shoe stealing gangs are now a days are stealing shoes from many housing societies, high profile actors and rich people. Such shoes which would cost Rs 15,000 are sold at cheap prices like Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000. Every friday, there are at least 80 to 90 shops operate here between 4:00 am and 8:00 am. These shop owners are supplied shoes by people who steal shoes, or people who want to sell second hand shoes or people who have some arrangement with some factory outlet insider to sell of shoes without their factory knowing. Shady market thronged by thousands of people ever friday. If you are a westerner, please do not visit this market alone.


Bollywood Movie Posters

Mumbai is very famous for Bollywood movies and is the mecca of movie industry in India. Bollywood movies used to have those beautiful colourful hand painted and hand made movie cinema posters which would be pasted all over mumbai, before the release of any bollywood movie. Now a days these hand made posters can only be found in Mumbai's Chor Bazaar. There are many old antique posters of various bollywood movies


Muslim Neighbourhood Of Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar is located near Bhendi Bazaar, which is a Mulsim neighbourhood. There is a special bazaar in the thieves market which takes place every friday, which is a day when car chop shops and scooter and automobile related spare parts, engines market is shut and clothes, household items, shoes are sold at cheap throw away prices. One also gets to understand and see the muslim way of life in this neighbourhood where 90% people are Muslims. The Chor Bazaar also has a few mosques in the market.The famous Bohri Masjid is also located in Chor Bazaar.


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