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Grand Mumbai Tours is an Indian Festival Tour Company offering festival and cultural tours in India.

We specialise in Indian Festival Tours For for Foreigners and International Tourists visiting India.


Join us and celebrate the Govinda Festival and take lots of photos during the Dahi handi. Govinda is a festival of human pyramids reenacted for thousands of years. Govinda is another name of Shri Krishna and his group of friends, the pot breaking festival is celebrated on the second day of the Krishna birth, which is Janmashtami Festival.


You will see pots hanging from huge heights at various points in the city. These pots will be broken by Govinda's who form a human pyramid. This is the act which krishna did in his childhood to break pots in the homes of the people to eat that delicious butter which people stored in the pots hanging from the ceilings of their homes.


The streets are crowded and if you wish to experience Govinda - Dahi handi Festival safely and with lots of fun, do send us a tour inquiry and we will make sure you have the best time in Mumbai.



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