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Om Ganganpataye Namaha!! Ganpati Bappa Moraya Bless Our Holi Tour!!


Holi is one of the most popular festivals in India. Celebrate Holi Color Festival with Grand Mumbai Tours on March 2, 2018 in Mumbai. Our Mumbai Holi Tour is perfect for foreigners and western tourists visiting Mumbai wanting to learn more about this colourful festival of Holi.


We have been organising Holi Parties and Holi Festival Tours for the past 6 years which are a perfect way of experiencing Mumbai's amazing culture, Hindu mythology, customs and traditions and enjoying the color festival of holi with decent families living in a higher middle class neighbourhood of Mumbai safely.


Safety is the biggest concern of western tourists and solo female travelers visiting Mumbai. We highly recommend you to join a Holi festival tour with Grand Mumbai Tours or any other reputed tour company like us or by going to the homes of any local friends if you have.


Solo women travelers, group of women travelling to India, Western couples and families Please Avoid going alone on the streets or in slums or neighbourhoods unknown to you. Avoid groups of men you may come accross on streets. People celebrating Holi on the streets are heavily drunk and you may jeopardize your safety by trying to enjoy the festival on your own alone.


The best way to enjoy the Holi Festival in Mumbai, is by joining Grand Mumbai Holi Festival Tour, which is a sightseeing tour followed by playing holi with families and children in a higher middle class neighbourhood safely and also making new connections and friends with fellow travelers you may meet.


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Om Namaha Shivaya!! Jai Somnath Mahadev Prasanna!!