Kanheri Caves Tour - Mumbai National Park Kanheri Cave Tours


Tour the Kanheri Caves in Mumbai. These ancient rock cut buddhist caves comprise of monastries, halls, worship places used by Buddhist Monks of ancient India.


Grand Mumbai Kanheri Caves Tour takes you on tour of the ancient rock cut buddhist caves located in National Park of Mumbai. These 109 caves are ancient caves dating back to 1st century BC.


Kanheri caves are a group of rock - cut ancient caves located in Borivali in Mumbai. To reach there we will have to pass through the green forests of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. The caves are located deep inside about 6 km from the entrance of national Park. We can hike our way to the caves or we can also travel in a car.

You have to decide what you want. It will be an adventure trek. Kanheri caves in Mumbai have a great influence of Buddhism and they display the buddhist angle on the art and culture of India. The word Kanheri is derived  from the Sanskrit word Krishnagiri which means black mountain. These caves were created by chiseling a massive basalt rock..Kanheri caves date from 1st century BC to 10th Century BC.


There are around 109 caves carved from the basalt rock. The hall of the caves contains the Stupa, which is a Buddhist Shrine.

Furthur up the hill are the remains of an ancient water canal and cisterns that collected and channeled the rainwater into huge tanks. By 3rd century A.D. the Kanheri caves had become an important Buddhist settlement on the Konkan coast.


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