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Grand Mumbai Tours offer the most exciting day tours in the city. Our Mumbai Day Tour is a one full day sightseeing mumbai tour packages, which gives visitors to the city a unique insight into its History, Culture and, most importantly the Life of Mumbaikars or people of the city.


This one single full day guided private mumbai city tour covers all the major places and sites, Historic British Buildings and Heritage Monuments showcasing the Colonial English Architecture, Markets, Temples, Dabbawallas, Dhobi Ghat and more....


Warning : Beware of some Tour Companies In Mumbai, who have copied our website theme, our writing style, content. These fools are so insecure that they have even copied warnings like these. Do not forget to check the Trip Advisor Rankings of such travel agencies and operators. They will surely take you to shops and tourist traps as it is a part of their itinerary, to get that pathetic cheap commission and rip you off.


Mumbai City Tours - Sightseeing Tour Packages

Our full day sightseeing tours in Mumbai, are conducted by AC Car driven by a chauffeur and a private tour guide will accompany you.


This mumbai city tour begins with a walk in the famous Fort Heritage District which is also known are the British Heritage Area. We will see the famous Gateway Of India and see the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel from the Gateway of India. You will hear the story of transformation of seven small islands into Bom Bhaia, and how this dowry gift to the Britsh, from the Portuguese changed the course of history of Mumbai and India.


On our private mumbai tours we will also provide some spiritual awakening at the famous Hare Rama Hare Krishna, ISCKON Temple near the Chowpatty Beach. An insight into the the most fascinating Hindu Mythology will intrigue your inner conscious.


Photography Lovers would also get an amazing panoramic shot of the skyoline of the city during your Mumbai Sightseeing Tours. Kamala Nehru Park is famous of the Old Woman's Shoe and the gorgeous Skyline of Bombay. Was walk in British Hanging Gardens built in 1890's will give you a refreshed and a rejuvinated mind.


This Mumbai Tour will also involve a talk about the Dabbawallas or the Lunch Box Delivery Boys of Mumbai. They can be seen riding their bicycles all over the city wearing white caps and delivering Lunches. The famous movie Lunch Box is based on them. We will talk about their complex and 6 sigma rated delivery system and try to spot them while driving through the city.


The main highlight of this private full day mumbai city sightseeing tour, would be the famous Open Air Laundry, locally known as the Dhobi Ghat. Dhobi means a washerman. We will watch the acts of ablution of laundry from top of the bridge overlooking these Mumbai Slums.


Our Mumbai Day Tour is Top Rated as one of the Best one day tours in mumbai, on TripAdvisor. Our private tour guides speak Fluent and Excellent English and you would not have any difficulty in understanding them. We have listed the detailed Mumbai Tour Itinerarybelow. Please feel free to send us your Tour Inquiry or Mumbai Travel related questions.


Bathroom Breaks : There are bathroom breaks available at the Hanging Gardens and Hare Krishna Temple.


Tour Suggestions : If you have only one single day in Mumbai, we suggest you 21 best tour. If you have two full days in Mumbai, we suggest Special Day Tour on one day and Off Beaten Tour on the second day. You can even merge two different sightseeing Mumbai tours, city tour packages along with other city tours.


Mumbai Tour Itinerary- City Tour Package

1. Gateway of India - Built to welcome King George V and Queen Mary into India

2. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

3. Mumbai University - British heritage building built in 1857

4. Rajabai Clock Towers - Big Ben of India

5. Watson's Hotel Ruins - Tata was refused an entry in this hotel and so he built Taj Mahal Hotel

6. Ovaal Cricket Ground - Place where we play the most beloved sport of India

7. Bombay High Court - Beautiful British Heritage Building

8. Victoria Terminus Train Station (CST) - UNESCO World Heritage Site

9. Muncipality Building - Another marvelleous Colonial building

10. Crawford Market - Oldest market of Mumbai inside a british building

11. Drive past Marine drive and Chowpatty beach

12. Kamala Nehru Park - Skyline view of the city & Old woman's shoe

13. ISCKON Temple of Hare Rama Hare Krishna

14. Hanging Gardens - Gardens built on top of water tanks near the Tower of Silence (Parsi burial place)

15. Dhobi Ghat - Open Air Laundry where clothes are washed in full view of public

16. Small talk explaining the Lunch Box Delivery System, Dabbawalas can be seen all over the city on their bicycles driving around the city. They can be identified with the white caps they wear. We will be spotting them while driving through the city while doing the tour


Also includes drive past many British Heritage Buildings like Prince of Wales Museum, Maharashtra Police Headquarters, Flora Fountain & Hutatma Chowk, Telegraph Office, India Post Office Building, Kala Ghoda Area, David Sasoon's Library, National Gallery of Modern Art


* If you want to visit Mahatma Gandhi Museum or an Art Gallery, please let us know we will TRY to go there

* during our private city sightseeing tours, we would love to offer you complimentary Samosa's, Sev Puri's, Dabeli's, if you are open for this food tour experience, do let us know when you inquire.


Tour Information

Availability : Everyday

Full Day Tour : 5 - 6 hours (1 to 15)

Half Day Tour : 3 - 4 hours (1 , 2 , 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and a drive past 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 )

Timings : Advisable to start at 8:00 am from South Mumbai or Flexible as per your convinience.

AC Vehicles Used For Mumbai Tours : Toyota Etios (2 pax) , Toyota Innova (3 - 4 pax),13 seater AC Tour Bus (8 pax and above)

Bathroom Breaks : Hanging Gardens and Hare Krishna Temple


If you are interested in tasting the best masala chai, samosa, dabeli and other local snacks do let us know while you inquire, we would love to offer it complimentary for you.


Prices will be emailed to you as soon as we recieve your inquiry. Payment is to be made at the end of the tour. Please send us your tour inquiry by filling up this contact form : Contact Form

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Tour Price

Prices of our private guided mumbai tours, depend upon the number of people in your family or friends, Prices will be emailed to you as soon as we recieve your inquiry. Payment is to be made at the end of the tour.


Tour Cost Includes

A highly skilled driver experienced to drive safely and calmly in the chaotic city and a highly knowledgible english speaking professional tour guide who knows the city like the back of his hand.


Beware of tour companies, who will charge you for a mumbai city tour with a tour guide and ask their driver to double up as a tour guide.


We use yellow number plated tourist vehicles, avoid travelling in private white number plated vehicles as they do not cover your insurance cost.


We use spacious cars like Toyota Etios(one to two passengers) and Toyota Innova (three to four travelers) and not small tiny cars.


We will use a spacious Airconditioned Mini Bus if you are a group of friends or a huge family (8 - 12 pax)


Pick Up and Drop Back & Meeting Locations

We can provide a free pick up and drop back from your hotels, appartments, hostels as long as they are located in South Mumbai. We also have some meeting locations exactly 2 minutes away from Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Trident Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Green Gate of Cruise Ship Terminal.


If you want a pick up and drop back from a North Mumbai hotel, appartment, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Domestic Airport, there will be a small additional charge which will be conveyed to you when we respond to your tour inquiry. Area after Bandra, near the airport, suburbs are considered as North Mumbai.


Mumbai Travel Advice

If you have not yet booked any hotel or accomodation, we would advice you to book one in South Mumbai.

Most of the tourist sites are located in South Bombay, including monuments, clubs, bars, museums, gardens, markets, colaba, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, art galleries and green gate of India Gandhi Docks or the Cruise Ship Terminal are all located in South Bombay.


Instead of booking a private ac car for airport transfers, we advice you to take an airport taxi from domestic or international airport to reach your hotel in South Bombay. It would cost only Rs 800 to Rs 1000 or USD 10 to USD 15 for an air conditioned taxi. You will thank us for saving your money and our travel advice.

Prices will be emailed to you as soon as we recieve your inquiry. Payment is to be made at the end of the tour. Please send us your tour inquiry by filling up this contact form : Contact Form

You can even email us :

You can even Whats App / Viber / I message us: +919167472957

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