Solo Woman Mumbai Tours For Women Travellers


Single Women Mumbai Tour Packages for Solo Women Travelers Visiting Mumbai. Tour guide for women, ladies, women's groups traveling to Mumbai, India.


We provide a very special, exciting, safe, memorable travel experience for women, whose biggest concern while visiting India is safety.


Majority of our clients are single women tourists, solo women travelers wanting to have the incredible India experience in mumbai while touring with a highly knowledgible, professional and fluent English speaking tour guide in Mumbai.


Our Mumbai tour guides have conducted over 300 guided tours for Solo women, single ladies, business women visiting mumbai, women groups visiting India.


Our tour guide would treat you as they would treat their own friends or families and provide you the most exciting experience in the city.


Mumbai can be chaotic and streets full of crazy traffic with people. If you are a white woman or a girl walking through such chaos, you are bound to be the center of attention in mumbai. Many strangers would try to stalk you, sellers would try to sell things to you, beggars would pester you for money and this would lead to a huge amount of stress for you to explore the city peacefully.


This is where our solo woman tour comes in, and gives you a tour guide to walk around you, talk with you, share with you and keep you safe from vendors, beggers or weird men.


In this way you will be able to focus more on the tour and enjoy your Mumbai experience to the fullest without worrrying about anything.


Women visiting Mumbai on business, solo single lady travellers visiting the city for holiday or pleasure, women expats wanting to get familiar with their new home city, groups of women travelers visiting India, We at Grand Mumbai Tours welcome you with folded hands and a huge smile and a big Namaste to experience the authentic bombay with us.


We have mentioned some of our best Solo Women Travelers Mumbai Tours below, feel free to choose the tour or multiple tours which suit your needs.


Our tour guide in Mumbai will give you the most accurate history about mumbai, facts and reasons behind the construction of the British heritage buildings built during the British Colonial Raaj. Our private mumbai tours are so personalised that you will get amazing insights and first hand experiences into the lives of Mumbaikars, the colourful Indian culture, customs, traditions and even the exciting mythology of hindu religion.


During your private tours or mumbai customised tours please, feel free to ask our mumbai tour guides any and every question that comes to your mind.


Our private guided tours in mumbai have only one aim, to make you fully understand India, its history and our very own Mumbai locals.


Solo Woman's / Women Groups Mumbai Special Tour - Full Day (5 - 6 hours)

(We are flexible with time but the best time to do this tour is at 8:00 am or at 1:00 pm)


Gateway of India

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Victoria Terminus Railway Station

Municipality Building

Drive past the British heritage district full of monuments and buildings like Bombay High Court, Rajabai Clock Towers,David Sasoon's Library, Elphinstone Building

Hanging Gardens

Kamala Nehru Park - Old Woman's shoe and the skyline of Mumbai

Antilla - The home of the richest man in India

Dhobi Ghat - Open Air Laundry

Dabbawallas - The lunch box delivery boys of Mumbai

Drive past marine drive and chowpatty beach

Crawford Market

Jehangir Art Gallery (Optional and Free Entry - We can see this only if you interested in seeing Indian art)

The beautifully carved, colourful Hare Krishna Temple

Banaganga Water Tank - 5,000 year old mythological water body surrounded by temples, with same water as holy Ganges sacred to Hindu's

You need not follow the above tour inquiry, if you have ideas for tours or want to see specific sites in Mumbai, feel free to email is and we will customized the tour for you.


If you are a Solo, Single Woman traveler visiting Mumbai, we also have Single female markets tour, temple, early mornign tour, cultural tour, Night on Scooter, Mumbai shopping tours for women. Please feel free to let us know how many days you are in Mumbai and what type of tour you wish to do. Most women prefer scooter tours and have a great time sitting behind us and drviing around on a scooter adventure tour. We also have car tours in Mumbai city. We also have mentioned other possible tours for women below.



Solo Woman's / Women Groups Mumbai Highlights - Half Day (3 - 4 hours)

(We are flexible with time but the best time to do this tour is posible at any time of the day)


Gateway of India

Taj Mahal Palce Hotel

Drive past the British heritage district full of monuments and buildings like Bombay High Court, Rajabai Clock Towers,David Sasoon's Library, Elphinstone Building

Victoria Terminus Train Station

Dhobi Ghat - Open Air Laundry

Kamala Nehru Park - Skyline of Mumbai

Antilla - Home of the richest man in India

Local vegetable and fruits market which is one long lane of countless vendors

Banaganga Water Tank - 5,000 year old mythological water body surrounded by temples, with same water as holy Ganges sacred to Hindu's



Woman's / Women Groups Mumbai Market Mania (4 - 5 hours)

(We are flexible with time but the best time to do this tour is at 7:00 am as the docks and flower markets are active then)


Flower Market - The biggest flower market in Mumbai

Sasoon Docks - The fish market of Mumbai in ancient docks, where hundreds of fishermen come with their daily catch.

Crawford Market - 24,000 square foot market in a British heritage building, one of the oldest markets

Mangaldas Cloth Market - Biggest fabric and cloth market in Mumbai

Zaveri Bazaar - Gold and Silver Market

Colaba Causeway Market

Local fruits and vegetable market

What seperates us this tour from the rest is that we do all the markets in one tour, others will sell them to you as seperate tours and charge you more. If you have heard of any other market, just let us know and we will include them in the above tour if they are in South Mumbai.



Solo Woman's / Women Groups Evening Tour / Night Tour (4 - 5 hours)

Banaganga Water Tank - 5,000 year old mythological water body surrounded by temples, with same water as holy Ganges sacred to Hindu's

Jain Temple

Hanging Gardens

Kamala Nehru Park

ISCKON temple - Hare Rama Hare Krishna Temple

Antilla - Home of the richest man in India

Chowpatty Beach - Night life and complimentary food tasting

Gateway of India

Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

Complimentary traditional Indian Ice Cream tasting with Paan!


You can add Sasoon Docks, Flower Market at a small extra cost : Additional Sites

If you are interested in tasting the best masala chai, samosa, dabeli and other local snacks do let us know while you inquire, we would love to offer it complimentary for you.


We are not accepting tour inquiries on phone calls or whats app or sms or imessage.

Please send us your tour inquiry by filling up this contact form : Contact Form

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Tour Price

Prices of our private guided mumbai tours, depend upon the number of people in your family or friends, Prices will be emailed to you as soon as we recieve your inquiry. Payment is to be made at the end of the tour.


Tour Cost Includes

A highly skilled driver experienced to drive safely and calmly in the chaotic city and a highly knowledgible english speaking professional tour guide who knows the city like the back of his hand.


Beware of tour companies, who will charge you for a mumbai city tour with a tour guide and ask their driver to double up as a tour guide.


We use yellow number plated tourist vehicles, avoid travelling in private white number plated vehicles as they do not cover your insurance cost.


We use spacious cars like Toyota Etios(one to two passengers) and Toyota Innova (three to four travelers) and not small tiny cars.


We will use a spacious Airconditioned Mini Bus if you are a group of friends or a huge family (8 - 12 pax)


Pick Up and Drop Back & Meeting Locations

We can provide a free pick up and drop back from your hotels, appartments, hostels as long as they are located in South Bombay. We also have some meeting locations exactly 2 minutes away from Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Trident Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Green Gate of Cruise Ship Terminal.


If your hotel is in North Mumbai or if you are coming from anywhere in North Mumbai, we highly recommend you to take an UBER which is much cheaper then us providing you a pick up and drop at an additional cost. Our cars are based in South Mumbai and would have to do four trips up and down South and North which is why the additional pick up and drop back cost increases considerably. Choice is yours, you can use UBER or you can avail a pick up and drop back at an additional cost.


If you are coming from an airport or want to go to the airport, our honest advice would be to take the services of an official airport prepaid taxi which is available at the official airport prepaid taxi counter. They charge you only Rs 800 for a taxi from airport to your hotel in South Mumbai. If you want to go to airport from South, honest recommendation is to take UBER as it costs only USD 4 to USD 6 from South Mumbai to North Mumbai.


We believe in honesty and giving honest recommendations which would save your money and we are not like other tour companies who will focus on making more and more money from you. We focus on making you smile and happy and taking more and more blessings and good wishes from you.


Mumbai Travel Advice

If you have not yet booked any hotel or accomodation, we would advice you to book one in South Mumbai.

Most of the tourist sites are located in South Bombay, including monuments, clubs, bars, museums, gardens, markets, colaba, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, art galleries and green gate of India Gandhi Docks or the Cruise Ship Terminal are all located in South Bombay.