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14, May 2015 : Must Watch Bollywood Movies About India



The highlight of every traveller visiting India or travelling to Mumbai, is watching a bollywood movie. Most of the travellers visiting India or Mumbai have only heard about Bollywood but have never watched any bollywood movie. There are so many to choose from....Read More






29, July 2015 : Understanding Indian Currency and Bank Notes



Get familiar with the Indian currency notes and bank notes before traveling to India. This is a very special blog post about understanding and differentiating amongst the bank notes before you travel to Mumbai, India. The Reserve Bank of India issues, bank notes in India. They are in the denomination of INR 1000, INR 500, INR 100, INR 50.......Read More





28, July 2015 : Best Hotels and Places To Stay In Mumbai For Tourists, Business Visitors, Budget Travelers



The first question that comes to your mind while traveling to Mumbai, is where are you going to stay while on your holiday in India. Mumbai being a very modern city, offers a variety and range of hotels, from Five Star Hotels like Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Oberoi, Trident to Three Star and Four Star Hotels like Fort Residency, Grand Hotel and .........Read More