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Welcome to Grand Mumbai Tours, your Mumbai Tour Guide and Tour Operator which provides you exclusive and private Tours in Mumbai.


Why I started Grand Mumbai Tours?

The reason why i started Grand Mumbai Tours, was because I love my amazing city and have been born and brought up here and have been an integral part of its history, people, culture, customs and traditions. I believe the biggest joy of my life comes to me by spreading as much knowledge as possible, as much love as possible about my country, its people and culture. You are venturing into an alien land, a country where you have never been to, and having a friendly person to take care of you with honesty and dedication, is what you crave for. In Hinduism, we believe in Karma and that everything happens for a reason, and am grateful to you for reaching out to me.

Story behind my passion for people....

As an engineer, i never loved my job. I always loved meeting new people from across the globe, talking to them on a wide range of topics, educating them and sharing knowledge and priceless moments with them. Quitting my high profile engineering job was a huge risk. But i believe that in life, you have to take some risks and work in the field which you would be passionate about and love. The best thing every to happen in my life, is starting Grand Mumbai Tours. And today am very grateful to everyone who has contributed to it becoming a success. My dream was to make your travel dreams exciting and adventurous. And you helped me realise my dream. I love India and people here and if you want to see and experience a real authentic and incredible experience, you must break away from the shackles and walls and feel and explore Mumbai with me like a real local.

What would you benefit from our Mumbai tours....

We offer a wide range and variety of tours, most of which are exclusively private tours, for experiencing a moment that would last forever in your memory and your heart. I am mentioning all my possible tours below along with their pricing. These tours will enrich you with Mumbai's history, cultural knowledge, life of Indian people, understanding of hindu mythology and many other interesting aspects which no guide book will ever tell you. I offer these tours because my aim is to make sure my guests have an experience which no other tour company in India would provide. This experience would last forever in your memory and heart and you would fall in love with my amazing city and consider me as your family and a friend for the rest of your life.

No Shopping Traps No Tourist Traps....

Grand Mumbai Tours and their tour guides, do not have any connections with any shops, hotel concierge's, tourist traps, or any establishments. We believe in honesty and assure you that our energies would focus only on tours as we are not into those malpractices of getting that cheap commission, which many of the tour companies and guides all over India indulge in. We have been raised in a family with honest and high cultural values and we believe in earning our livelihood by honesty, hard dedicated work and with good Karma.

How can we make a difference to the society and the community?

There is a lot of poverty in India. You will be tempted to give some money to small poor children who will come and beg to you on the streets. We strongly encourage you not to give any money to these kids. As the money you give them, never stays with them and is snatched away by someone else, and they are made to beg even more. If you want to make a difference or even bring a smile to someones face, please carry pens, pencils, old clothes which you wish to give away, chocolates or toffee which children would love, reading or writing books which you can give away to any poor children or to underprivileged individuals. Giving them away to some souls in Mumbai, would make your happy from within. The biggest joy one can get is by making a difference in somebody's life. The happiness which we get by bringing a light into someone's life is comparable to all the riches in the world. If you wish, you can do this during your tour in Mumbai. Together we can make some difference. Do let me know about this in advance if you wish to do some good karma.

If you are planning a short visit to Mumbai, be it for business or for pleasure, and wish to make the most of your time here by going on a personalized and private Mumbai city tour with someone very knowledgeable and reliable, you are just one phone call or an email away from exploring the real spirit of Mumbai with Grand Mumbai.

For us, our Guest's happiness and satisfaction are our top priorities.
In our rich Indian culture they say, "Athithi Devo Bhava". In English it means, "Guests are Gods".
So be assured that you will have the best Mumbai tour experience with us.
We are Grand Mumbai because we deliver Mumbai city tours, which are grand both in quality and quantity.

We have a very deep knowledge of Mumbai's history and Mumbai's diverse culture.  Our cherished customers are frequently people travelling on Cruise Ships and are in Mumbai for short day visit, or businesspersons with some time to explore Mumbai. We have a lot of experience with International Clients and we are a group of highly educated individuals with University degrees with a great passion - Mumbai Tourism and World Tourism.

Our tours cover various World Heritage Sites in Mumbai like Elephanta Islands, Kanheri caves, Gateway of India, VT Station, Asiatic Central Library, Flora Fountain and many other major tourist spots in Mumbai like Rajabai Towers, Crawford Market, Dhobi Ghat, Mahatma Gandhi Museum etc. Our tours will not only allow you explore Mumbai, but will also tell you interesting stories and historical facts related to the places you will see on our Mumbai tours.

When you complete one of our tours, you will leave home with great memories of magical Mumbai and the magical culture and traditions and even more stories and experiences of people you will see and meet during the tours.

On our website you will find customized and private tours in Mumbai. If there is anything else of interest to you, you simply have to voice your wishes, and we'll be happy to oblige.

Our tour guide in Mumbai will give you the most accurate history about mumbai, facts and reasons behind the construction of the British heritage buildings built during the British Colonial Raaj. Our private mumbai tours are so personalised that you will get amazing insights and first hand experiences into the lives of Mumbaikars, the colourful Indian culture, customs, traditions and even the exciting mythology of hindu religion.

During your private tours or mumbai customised tours, please feel free to ask our mumbai tour guides any and every question that comes to your mind. Our private guided tours in mumbai have only one aim, to make you fully understand India, its history and our very own Mumbai locals.