Elephanta Cave Tour - Mumbai Elephanta Island Tour

We stopped doing Elephanta Caves Tour since January 2018, as its very easy for tourists to go their by themselves and it would save a lot of money for the tourists.


We offer Elephanta caves tour for visitors who wish to visit the Elephanta Islands to see the ancient rock cut caves. The elephanta islands and caves are located 34 km from Gateway of India.


These were named as Elephanta islands when the portuguese found a stone statue of an elephant at the entrance of these caves. Elephanta caves tour are offered by Grand Mumbai Tours during the months of November and May.


Our cave tour takes you to see the rock carved caves located on the elephanta islands in the arabian sea. You will see a collection of rock cut elephanta caves dedicated to lord Shiva and diaplying the ancient hindu heritage and architecture.


You will be taking a ferry boat to reach the Elephanta islands from where you will be walking towards the Elephanta caves. There are seven caves in total amongst the group of elephanta caves, which are carved through a basalt rock. They are believed to have been carved in 7th century AD

The caves are a get away for many Indians and foreigners who want to explore and experience the amazing energy and adventure hidden in these caves.


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