The Best Time To Visit Mumbai - When To Visit Mumbai, India

The best time to visit Mumbai is between November and February if you like cooler climate and April to May if you like warm and hot weather.

To get an idea as to when is the best time to visit Mumbai, you have to be familiar with the weather and climate in Mumbai.

June, July, August, September is the monsoon season. It starts raining from first week of June and is heavy in July and moderate in August and starts easing off towards September. When it rains, it can rain very heavily and for couple of days and if there is high tide and it rains heavily, there can be flooding in the city of Mumbai. But, the advantage of visiting Mumbai in monsoon is that there re very less number of tourists and hotels rates are lower in monsoon. Also there are a couple of festivals like Janmashtami and Ganesh Festival between June to September. So depending upon your liking, you can visit Mumbai in monsoon season, between June to September.

October is a bit hot and humid as the monsoons have just left, and the heat suddenly looks higher even when its actually not. You feel the heat, because monsoons have just got over. October is considered as the start of the tourist season in Mumbai and all over India. So you can even plan to visit Mumbai or India in October.

November, December, January is winter season. But the winter in Mumbai is like the English summer. The lowest temperature is usually 16 degrees Celcius. The best time to come to Mumbai is getween this time, but there will be lots and lots of tourists visiting Mumbai and India during the winter season. People who are coming to Mumbai or India for tourism purpose usually book their holidays to Mumbai and India long before in advance. The tourists who do not like extreme heat are advised to visit Mumbai between October and January.

Diwali, tlhe festival of lights is usually after October, this marks the victory of good over evil, when Lord Rama killed the Sri Lankan Demon King Ravana, who snatched away Lord Rama's wife. When Rama was returning home with his wife, people in India lighted lights and lamps to welcome him back home five thousand years back and this festival is celebrated as Diwali even today.

February is the month, of slow transition of winter into summer. This is a good month to visit as well.

March, April and May is the summer season. Tourists from countries with cold climate visit Mumbai, to experience the hot weather of Mumbai. March is hot, April is hotter and May is the hottest. Temperatures can reach 40 degrees in May and its really hot. People prefer to do sightseeing early in the morning and then relax in the hotel after afternoon.

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