Mumbai Airport To South Mumbai Travel (North Mumbai To South Mumbai)

The best way to travel from one place to another place in Mumbai is by using UBER. Use the Airport Prepaid Taxi to travel from Mumbai Airport to South Mumbai.

This travel guide talks about different ways of commuting in Mumbai city. From North Mumbai to South Mumbai and from South Mumbai to North Mumbai. The International airport is located in North Mumbai, and this travel guide talks about how to travel between Mumbai International Airport to South Mumbai or North Mumbai. And how to travel from your hotel in South Mumbai or North Mumbai to the Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport.

Mumbai International Airport (North Mumbai) to South Mumbai Hotel

So you have just arrived at the International airport. Avoid taking an Uber or calling an Uber to the International airport to pick you up, its very complicated when it comes to calling Uber at Imternational airport.

The best way to travel from International airport to your hotel is by taking the Airport prepaid Taxi. There is an official airport prepaid taxi counter at the airport. A prepaid taxi from the International airport to South Mumbai will cost Rs 800 for an AC Taxi and Rs 600 for a Non AC Prepaid Taxi. If there is more luggage, there may be some additional charge. The officer will give you a Prepaid Taxi slip, with the Taxi number and the Zone Number.

You have to come out and walk to respective Zone mentioned on your slip and you will find your taxi over there. If the driver drives from the sea Bridge, to go to South Mumbai, there is a bridge charge of Rs 60 one way. If you are kind enough, you can pay Rs 90, so that the driver can come back from the same bridge after dropping you.

It takes 50 minutes from International Airport to South Mumbai in case of no traffic, and the time can increase if there is more traffic.

South Mumbai Hotel to Mumbai International Airport (North Mumbai)

There wont be prepaid taxi's near your South Mumbai hotel or North Mumbai Hotel. Also the car hire services or hotel drop services would be very expensive between Rs 2000 to Rs 4000. This is where Uber is the best. An Uber would cost only Rs 400 to Rs 600 from your hotel in South Mumbai to the International Airport. The taxi's waiting outside your hotels would charge you a fee of Rs 800 to Rs 1000. The best way to travel from South Mumbai to North Mumbai or International Airport is by using Uber.

You will need internet access to use Uber. If your hotel does not have internet or if you are not in a hotel, you can visit any Starbucks Cafe, they are at strategic locations in South Mumbai, the best one is Starbucks behind the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and have a coffee at Starbucks and also use their internet to book your Uber.

Tips for using Uber in Mumbai

1. When you book an Uber, always dial the drivers number once your booking is done. Call the driver and disconnect, in this way the drivers number stays on your phone. The advantage of doing this is, that in case you forget anything in that Uber, you can call or contact the driver directly on his phone number and you do not have to go through emailing the Uber call center and then waiting for them to call you.

2. Always try to meet the Uber at your hotel, and call him and speak to him giving proper directions in case they need. In India people do not understand road names or street names, they understand landmarks. Also if its an International number, the Uber drivers sometimes do not call up the phone number, as calling international numbers can be very expensive for them, so its always better that the person who books Uber calls them in case there is some confusion.

Uber can also be used to travel in Mumbai from your hotel to North Mumbai or South Mumbai or anywhere. Its cheaper then the other taxis. Also there is an Indian version of Uber which is called as Ola, but in order to use an Ola, you need to have to have an Indian number.

If you are visiting India or Mumbai, and are staying here for more then 10 days, it is highly recommended to get a local sim card or a phone number, so that you have internet access and a phone number for your family or friends to contact you, while you are in India.

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