Mumbai Holi Tour | Celebrate Holi Color Festival in Mumbai 2023


Celebrate Holi festival in Mumbai, India with Grand Mumbai Tours holi color festival tour. We have organised holi festival tour on March 8, 2023 along with our holi color festival dance party.


On March 7, 2023 evening, Holi Bonfire will be lit and on March 8, 2023, Holi the color festival will be celebrated all over India and Mumbai. Its a bank holiday and thousands of people play with colours and sing and dance. The Holi festival is significant because its a symbol of victory of good over evil.


Mumbai Holi Tour - Holi Color Festival in Mumbai

The Holi Bonfire is set on fire, on the night of March 1st, 2017. This signifies setting on fire all the bad energies and negativities of life and the next day the colour festival tour, signifies happiness and adding colour to the pureified life.


The Holi Festival tour will help you understand many cultural and mythological facts and stories associated with Lord Vishnu, his devotee Prahlad and King Hiranyakashyapu who wanted to kill his son Prahlad, just because he was worshipping Lord Vishnu and not him.


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Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha!