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Grand Mumbai Tours offers the Mumbai Temples & Markets Tour for tourists and travelers who want to immerse themselves into spiritual knowledge and visit some of the beautiful powerful temples of Mumbai, filled with spiritual energy and positive Karma and at the same time visit some of the most beautiful Markets of Mumbai, to experience the Real Indian Culture.


Mumbai Temples & Markets Tour - Spirituality & Mumbai Markets


Our Mumbai Temples & Markets Tour will start from a meeting location in South Mumbai. We will be visiting two of the most beautiful and spiritually enriched temples of Mumbai and three of the most amazing and popular markets of Mumbai.


You will hear many interesting and fascinating stories related to Hindu Spirituality and getting an in depth insight into the purpose of life, karma, meditation and different ways of worship and the concept of God in India. There are 330 Million Gods and Goddesses in India, but there is one and only one God in Hindu Spirituality. Our Tour Guide is very spiritual and practices meditation on daily basis and he will share his knowleadge with you during this beautiful Mumbai Temples & Markets Tour which will help you understand Spirituality and explore the beautiful Markets of Mumbai.


Tour Start Time: 7:00 am from South Mumbai

Tour Duration: 4 hours

Meeting Location: We will meet at a meeting location in South Mumbai.

Pick Up & Drop Back: Free pick up and drop back for you, if you are staying in South Mumbai.

Tour Style: We will do this tour in a chauffeur driven airconditioned car and we will be getting down from the car at each and every place on the tour. This is not a drive by tour and involves some walking as well.



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Om Namaha Shivaya

Om Ganganpataye Namaha

Om Parvati Mata Prasanna

Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya

Om Namaha Shivaya

Om Hanumataye Namaha



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Our Mumbai tours begin from a meeting location in South Mumbai.

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