Mumbai Travel Tips: Useful Safety Advice For Mumbai Tourists

If you are traveling to Mumbai, and want to have the best safety tips and travel advices, our Mumbai Travel Advice page is perfect place for you to start with. Majority of travel forums about India online, scare the tourists more then trying to help them with valuable advices and safety tips. We have created some posts on our Mumbai travel tips page which will give you authentic safety and Mumbai travel tips. So feel free to hang around with us and get familiar with Mumbai city. Om Namaha Shivaya!!


When is the best time to visit Mumbai, India

Ever wondered when is the best time to visit Mumbai, India for a holiday. The best time to visit Mumbai is between November and February when the weather is cooler. This Mumbai travel advice post is perfect for Western tourists who are wondering as to when is the best time for them to visit Mumbai, India - Best Time To Visit Mumbai


Mumbai Hotel Advice: Where to stay in Mumbai, India

Mumbai is massive and where you want to stay depends on what brings you to Mumbai. Mumbai can be divided into North Mumbai, Central Mumbai and South Mumbai. If you are visiting Mumbai for business most probably you would be staying in North Mumbai and if you are a Western tourist visit Mumbai for tourism purpose, we recommend you to stay in South Mumbai. Do not forget to read our post - Best Hotels in Mumbai


Om Namaha Shivaya! Om Ganganpataye Namaha!


Mumbai International Airport to Hotel

If you are a tourist arriving into Mumbai International airport and are wondering as to what is the best way to reach your hotel from the airport this post will provide you with the best advice. We recommend people to take airport prepaid taxi to go from Mumbai International Airport to their Hotel. While going to the airport from your hotel, we recommend you to take an Uber back to the airport. Mumbai Travel Advice For Tourists Arriving At Airport - Best Way To Reach Your Hotel From Mumbai International Airport


Mumbai Restaurant Advice: Where to eat food in Mumbai

Most of the Western tourists have this question in their mind. To try or not to try local Mumbai food. The answer to this question is answered in this post where we have mentioned the names of a few amazing restaurants in Mumbai, and what to eat at these restaurants. Majority of the tourists stay in their five star hotels and do not venture outside their hotels since they have no idea what to eat and where to eat. Here is our post about Mumbai Food Advice - Mumbai Restaurant Advice